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Welcome to Radio Nowhere!

First things first – thank you so, sooo much! All you have to do to get your download is click this link:

Download “Rain King” + the Special Radio Nowhere 3-Pack Here

Let me tell you a little more about what’s going on around here….

  • What the heck is Radio Nowhere?

Radio Nowhere is a rock/pop band from sunny (and dangerous!) Oakland, CA, that’s been described as “Elvis Costello fronting Counting Crows”, or “the missing link between Tom Petty and Duran Duran”, and both of those seem to fit.

  • Who’s behind this?

Radio Nowhere is fronted by singer/songwriter Mike Baker (hi). I’m first and foremost a music fan, just like you, who got into this in the first place because I stumbled upon my parents’ copy of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band when I was six and got freaked out by all the colors on the LP jacket. Freaked out in a good way.


That initial spark of interest turned into a misspent youth…that has stretched into a misspent adulthood devoted to rock’n’roll and all its offshoots, including but not limited to:

    • Driving five hours to play a show for one (1) paying customer
    • Interviewing Eric Clapton for a guitar magazine
    • Ducking buckshot in the parking lot after an AC/DC show (we kinda deserved it, actually…)
  • What’s going on here?

I know that you’re sick of the shallow, cookie-cutter music you hear on the radio on the way to work, American Idol, the b.s. that’s always on the top of the charts – hell, every real music fan feels the same way.


I think what we’re all interested in is the opposite of that – real musicians writing real songs, committed to making honest, authentic, passionate music that we can crank in the car on a hot summer road trip, learn all the words to and sing around a campfire, or keep us company in the middle of a quiet night.


Stay tuned for new singles, interesting demos, backstage videos, live shows and other choice morsels that ardent, good-looking, intelligent, and charming music fans like yourself spend way too much of their time trawling the internet for – hand-delivered to your inbox instead.

You’re going to dig this the most! – Mike from Radio Nowhere

P.S. Want to know more, right now?
The Radio Nowhere website has all the 411…