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shades-scarf-headshotThanks so much for ordering Interstate Medicine. I put years of my life into this album and sharing this music with you really means the world to me.
But before I take you to your download link, I want to tell you about something else that I think is pretty cool. Here’s the deal:

  • Like a lot of musicians, I’m always coming up with new music that I really like, and that often gets big love at shows from the crowd, but there’s never enough room for all the good stuff on an album
  • The great thing about the Internet is that for the first time, there’s a way for you to get your hands and ears on these songs – without waiting 2 years for another CD to come out. I love this!

So, I’ve got a great deal on some additional, exclusive Radio Nowhere music  – a year’s worth of songs emailed straight to you, one at the beginning of each month (plus a bonus or two!). Pretty fun, right? I’m calling this Spin the Dial, and I’m offering it for only $20.
Not only is that less than two bucks a song, it’s also a great deal on songs that you can’t get anywhere else. Yup – these are tracks I’ve never made available to anyone, anywhere.
The catch?
THIS IS A ONE TIME OFFER. Once you leave this page, the discount price will no longer be available.
So that’s the deal: (at least) 12 of the coolest, most interesting tracks I come up with over the next year, delivered straight to your inbox for less than $2 each. 
Not sure if this is for you?
Here’s what some other Radio Nowhere fans have had to say:

  • “This CD instantly made me want to kick back with a pitcher of margaritas and a plate of nachos. The perfect mix of mellow and rocking all in one. It’s not often that a first listen of a CD will blow me away the way this one did!” – C. Chapman, CD Baby
  •  “Have you heard this yet?! It is impossible for your body to be motionless thru this record … This album has been fully tested and I highly recommend it. What a masterpiece!” – Mr. Foo, CD Baby

You can see if you agree for a mere $20. Just click the blue button below to take advantage of this deal and get your first track right now. This is a one time offer. Don’t miss it!



(No thanks, I’d like to pass on the discount and proceed to the
Interstate Medicine Download Page.)

Whether you decide to take me up on this offer or not, I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my songs and support independent music – it honestly does mean the world to me! – Mike