Suicide Tuesday

Here’s the new song – just in time for the summer jam season! Let’s check it out…

Over at Patreon, where I first released this song a few weeks ago, I had a few comments from people who appreciated that this one had a little more rawk to it than usual – hope you like it too!
[Speaking of Patreon, I’m releasing all my new music first over there these days, and there’s also Radio Nowhere music available there that you can’t get anywhere else. Fans who sign up there to be Patrons also get a whole slate of cool bennies, so check it out if you’re interested!]

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Back to this song – here are the things you can do with it right now:

  • Play It: Just click the big white play arrow on the album cover above
  • Download It: Click that light-blue “download” link just below the album cover. When it asks you to “name your price”, just enter “0” and the system will email you a link to your free download
  • Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube: Click on one of the widgets below to play the song in your streaming service of choice

Really hope you like the song, and keep an eye out for yet another track dropping very soon. I’ve written and demoed about 40 songs since Christmas, and I’m really excited about starting to share them with you!
Love – Mike
P.S. If you’re a Spotify or Apple Music user, and you wanted to add Suicide Tuesday to one of your own playlists on either of those services, that’d be real helpful…;) Oh – and if you use another streaming service where you’d like to see my music, just let me know.


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