Songs For The New Album – Highway Patrol

Okay, big shot rock’n’roll producer – let’s get down to business. Here’s the first demo being considered for the upcoming record. Working Title? Highway Patrol. This one was written a few years ago on a road trip through Colorado, where my California license plates commanded WAY more attention than I’d expected. I actually got pulled over 3 times in 4 days, and it obviously shows up in the lyrics, as you’ll hear.
Not sure where the goat came from, though.

Got a comment? Drop it into the box below. I’d love to hear whatever you have to say, and it could make the difference as to whether the track makes the album. Fire away!


17 thoughts on “Songs For The New Album – Highway Patrol

  • that goat was fuckin awesome! a little unexpected to say the least. i wanted more bass, but i’m a whore for a funky bass line. i heard it but i needed it deeper and i wanna feel it in my balls!

  • Transition at 1:45 a little abrupt and doesn’t really go with the rest of the song….but i do like the transition piece, and think it would be appropriate for a song on its own (e.g. Etien style song).  Agree with emoney about increasing presence of base track.  What i heard at parts seemed similar to Praise You base line (Fatboy), which i think fits quite well. Goat is a distraction to the song, and seems to cheepen it somewhat.  For what it’s worth…the chorus lyrics don’t really grab me…(e.g. I don’t really want to sing about the Hwy Patrol)…

  • If you want a pop song as the Lead Single, it’s okay. Lyrically, the song is a little simple for me. I agree w/ Dvg about the base line. It’s good. “Highway Patrol” doesn’t grab me as a whole.

  • Difficul to describe emotions… At first reminded your previous works like London Calling – even in lyrics, man you can’t always sing “calling, calling” in every song. But actually it is an average good pop-rock song with interesting funky pitches. Thanks for taking care of us.

  • Merci! J’aime beaucoup l’idee “vraiment rock” – qui ferait un bon tatouage, peut etre. Oui, je suis encore enregistrer – plus de chansons très bientôt!

  • Been listening to the record for about eight days in these days and… I liked it! Lyrics in chorus are catching, and i sing ’em every day. But I would done something to the backing vocals after bridge – they sometimes sound odd or even wrong (maybe remove all the vocals and just it sound like jamming outro?) But it’s just in my honest opinion. Anyway, the bassline is great and the goat…!

  • You lost me at no designer stimulants.
    3 times in 4 days? What were the financial/pts-on-record repercussions of this vehicular skulduggery? Knowing you, none. Which is probably where the farm animals come in. Alien goats!
    Highway Patrol. Particularly dig various movements throughout. Have heard some lyrics in previous songs, i.e. lay your money down and references to catherines. Lead off the new album? Might could. But as your producer (and a Big Shot at that), I’d like to have more options before picking HwyP for the opening drop.

    •  Nope – batted my winsome eyelashes at the cops and every one of ’em folded.
      Thanks for the listen, Mr. Big Shot. More options you will have, with the next one coming pretty soon, I hope.

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