Songs For The New Album – Chasing The Dragon

Here’s the second track that I’m considering for inclusion on the new album (click here to check out the first). This one’s called Chasing the Dragon, and as you might’ve guessed, it’s more of a somber song.
This one was inspired by someone I know well, but I’m going to keep the origins mysterious for now. Check it out…

What do you think? Drop any comments into the box below. I’d love to hear whatever you have to say, and it could make the difference as to whether the track makes the album. Let’s hear it!

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Chasing the Dragon should definitely be included on the next Radio Nowhere release because of its “cleanliness”. The straightforward piano and melodic vocals will be a nice interlude, sandwiched in between a bunch of crunchy rock and roll. – Dirty Dan the Sewer Man

i like the simplicity and dynamism of the voice + piano, but in my head instead of the drone-y strings instrumental, am a cello or fiddle line, something a bit more complicated and picking up the melody, perhaps also tucked in here and there between V and chorus 

I’d like to hear a nice guitar solo, but I feel that this is a noteworthy cut, and would definitely include it on your album.

Can’t dance to it, but liked it anyway. The choruses were quite melodic with plenty of depth in the vocals. Agree with others that a string solo would go nicely over the chords in the break. Dirty Dan the Sewer Man

Okay, Michael, now THIS song I LOVE!!!!!  I LOVE the meshing of your voice with the piano and quite frankly, I like your singing better with the piano than the guitar.  There is more of a distinction between your voice and the sound of the piano.  With the guitar, your voice kind of fades into the sound of it and doesn’t stand out as much as it does with the piano.  Just my opinon…but I LOVE the song and your singing!     Aunt Linda

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