Here it is – your limited-edition pressing of "Interstate Medicine"!

Remember, the CD comes with a free instant download of all the songs, including the bonus acoustic tracks…but it’s only available for the next 72 hours!

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Here are some reviews from other Radio Nowhere fans:

  • “My favorite of the last few years. Great CD, start to finish. I’ve bought at least 20 copies to give to musicians that I work with and to friends. Especially good for the last hour of the drive from San Jose to Vegas or Portland.” – Ned
  • “Have you heard this yet?! It is impossible for your body to be motionless thru this record – even on ice at 25mph in a white-knuckle adventure through the blizzards of Southwestern Wyoming. This album has been fully tested and I highly recommend it. What a masterpiece! True medicine for whatever highway you might be on.” – Mr. Foo
  • “You instantly love this cd after the first time you hear it. It’s good music, really good music. The lyrics are poetic and the guitar melodic. I am critical of any new music I hear, and this cd felt like a much awaited release from a favorite band. Dig it, and listen loud!” – Craig
  • “This CD instantly made me want to kick back with a pitcher of margaritas and a plate of nachos. The perfect mix of mellow and rocking all in one. It’s not often that a first listen of a CD will blow me away the way this one did!” – Accident Hash Podcast
  • “This is some great rock! Very tight, melodic, and fun! Love the grooves on this entire disc!” – Gabriel