Queen of Evening – It's Done!

Yep – so excited to FINALLY be releasing another original song! I’ve got a lot to say about this one, but let’s take a listen first, shall we? Just press that big black play button…

Like it? You can grab a copy for yourself right now, and…
This would probably also be a good time to drop some additional exciting news, namely…(wait for it)…I’m working with a company called Patreon to release an entire EP of new music, one song at a time, and this is just the first track!
Click here to go to my Patreon page, become a patron and download Queen of Evening.
Before you do, though, do me a favor and  watch the 2-minute video below, where I explain:

  • What Patreon does
  • How it helps me release more music
  • A simple way for you to support independent music directly and bring more great music into your life


Becoming a Patron is the best way to support Radio Nowhere DIRECTLY, and get more great music, more often, for yourself.
Click right here to become a patron and download Queen of Evening right now. Thanks so much for reading, watching and listening, and stay tuned for more songs from the EP in the weeks to come!
~ Mike from Radio Nowhere

P.S. If you’re at all confused by Patreon, just let me know right here in the comments and I’ll get right back to you!


10 thoughts on “Queen of Evening – It's Done!

  • An EP by Radio, goddammit, Nowhere! It’s. Been. So. Long. Hallelujah! (by all the rebel whiskey boys)

  • The beginning reminds me of Steve Miller’s Come On And Dance with the drums. I like the piano at the start. Some of Bob Seger’s best songs have that piano. Queen Of Evening has an intriguing title. Should lure in people for a listen. It lost some energy around 3:15 mark. I enjoyed the song as a whole. Has an alternative/prog feel. One of the best Radio Nowhere songs.

    • Hey John – I’ll take the Seger and Miller comparisons, and to rate “one of the best Radio Nowhere songs”? Sweet! Thanks so much for dropping a comment!

  • Great song. Lyrically fantastic as always! Really enjoyed it. Nice Patreon video too. I’ll check out your Patreon site soon. Super excited to hear the new songs. Well done!

    • Thanks so much! Sorry to have edged close to Tony Robbins territory – promise to steer clear next time…

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