New Song! – Molotov Heart

Okay, here’s the new song, just in time for Summer Jam Season! Let’s click that big play button down there and give it a listen…



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In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think of “Molotov Heart” (and heck, just hear from you in general) – drop me a comment below!

Love – Mike


12 thoughts on “New Song! – Molotov Heart

  • Sounds like a song from Days Between Stations era, back to that 3-chord-overdriven-guitar style.
    Had a chance to listen to it like dozen times already, and although i wouldn’t call it a breakout, there are some really strong lyrics inside that resonate perfectly with Suicide Tuesday and Queen of Evening to me. Thanks, Mike, i’m staying tuned and eager for more!

    • Andrey, thx for the extensive & insightful (as always) comment – always appreciate your contributions!
      Also love that you know the various eras well enough to pin this style to something that’s come before – you’re the band historian!

      • Hey, Mike, maybe you would consider telling us about poets and writers that inspired you throughtout your musical life? i mean, there were a lot of stories about music that hit you but not so much about lyrics.
        Also, had a major success playing “Emily” in family circle a couple of weeks ago, song is sooo comfy.

        • That’s a great idea…but I’ll have to think about that. I’d say most of my lyrical inspiration comes from other songwriters, rather than poets or prose writers, but it’s a question I should probably dig into. Stay tuned…
          That’s so great that you played Emily for other people and scored with it! Happy to have been however distantly involved with what sounds like a good time – congrats!

  • Sounds great! A suggestion: in the spirit of the Cars, put a strong catchy lead guitar line right up front–right in on the third bar–and have it subsequently repeat in the bridge, etc.

    • Thanks, Nick! I did try that, actually, with a guitar line doubled with a synth, and it felt a little too on the nose at the time. But now that you mention it, it might get revisited…

  • Powerful hook here Mike! Seriously can’t get this chorus out of my head (read: compliment). I love the meter of how well slightly too many words fit the line “when every song that you saying is the blues.” And I didn’t hear your Cars reference clearly until the perfect keys floating over the chords after the chorus.
    ***** (5 Stars!)

    • Hey Jay – so glad you’re liking it, and I really appreciate your taking the time to come by here and tell me so! Love the idea that this one might be making the rotation at your house…

  • That barely perceptible wry grin, the perceived tip-of-the fang that weaves throughout your songbook.. A tiny influence of Zevon (among others) peeking out?
    Agree strongly with a previous comment about the hook and so skillfully almost running outta time for the words. Hard to make work, and you killed it.

    • “the perceived tip-of-the fang”…that’s fantastic! Going to make sure I’ve got even more perceived fang in my stuff going forward – love that! Wouldn’t say Warren Z is a big musical influence for me, but an attitudinal one, well, I aspire to that. Thanks (as always), Jerry!


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