Molotov Heart – Acoustic This Time!

So here’s the acoustic version of Molotov Heart for you. Let’s click the play button and check it out…

If you’d like to grab the song for your collection, just click right here to download the track.

P.S. Just in case you missed it the first time, here’s the full band version of Molotov Heart for you again…



If you’d like to grab the song for your collection, click that light-blue “download” link, just above; when it asks you to “name your price”, just enter “0” and the system will email you a link to your free download.

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11 thoughts on “Molotov Heart – Acoustic This Time!

  • loved it! “Acoustic Mike” is my second favorite version of Mike. The first being “Loud Mike”
    Any way you slice it. more mike is good.

  • Love the new take, next to the acoustic guitar the biggest change is more of a double tracked lead vocal than a lead and harmony. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hello. I wanted to write to you a long time ago.
    Need to tell, that I’m from Russia and my english may be not so good. I hope the meaning will be understood.
    I know you and listen your music since 2009, then I was 12yo. It’s a long story, so if it interested, I can tell you later. First time I heard your music on GamelandTV (russian TV chanel), few years later I found you in Jamendo, later on YouTube(there I saw f***ing amazing clip and track Spyboy). Now following here and waiting for new masterpieces. Really want to support you, cause you one of two my favorite performers. Of course soon I will sup you in Patreon. But if you need help in video montage (3 years learning After Effects) you can write me on Email.
    Acoustic covers is always soulful !
    With love from f***ing Russia.
    P.S. my favorite track – Caroline 🙂

    • Maksim! Your English is just fine – thank you so much for writing! I really, really appreciate all your listening over the years, and taking the time to tell me so. Amazing to think that my music can reach someone on the other side of the world…
      I’ll make sure to keep you in mind for future AfterEffects needs, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of your story someday…
      Thx so much again, Maksim! ~ Mike

    • Man, you basically told my own story with RN! RIP gamelandtv, it sucked, but they gave out lots of good songs. still crazy to see here a fellow countryman.

  • Hey, Mike, still keeping Mission Control up your sleeve?) Loved the acoustic version! I guess, we need a song’s background story someday..

    • Hi Andrey! Mission Control just went out to the people on, but will be coming to everyone on my mailing list later this week (and then to the rest of the world a little later). And there are more songs moving into launch position as well…;)
      Thx for the props on the acoustic Molotov! Wish I had a good story on this one, but it’s basically just about fighting with my wife! Which is no fun of course, but at least I got a good song out of it…;)

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