New Song! – Molotov Heart

So, as I was saying over on Patreon, here’s the new song! Just in time for the summer jam season! 

Here are the things you can do with this song right now:

  • Play It: Just click the big black play arrow on the album cover above
  • Download It: Click that light-blue “download” link just above. When it asks you to “name your price”, just enter “0” and the system will email you a link to your free download
  • Listen on Spotify or Apple Music: Click on either of the widgets below to play the song in your streaming service of choice

As I mentioned a couple of Patreon messages ago, I’ve written and recorded about 40 songs since last Christmas; Molotov Heart is the first of the batch to be released, and my intention is to keep them coming, with a new release every six weeks or so.
And because of your support here on Patreon, I was able to get this professionally mastered, which is why it sounds so slammin’. See, it’s working! Your support leads directly to more and better music. Thank you so, so much!
P.S. If you’re a Spotify or Apple Music user, and you wanted to add Molotov Heart to one of your own playlists on either of those services, that’d be real helpful…;) Oh – and if you use another streaming service where you’d like to see my music, just let me know.
Love – Mike


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