Mission Control – The Remix!

Okay, here’s the “alternate” version of “Mission Control” for you! Grab your glow sticks & legally questionable pharmaceuticals, click the big play button and give it a listen…



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Oh, and here’s the rest of the story on this track…
So during the night, I had a long, drawn-out dream about the song, which isn’t really unusual – when you work on a recording for 10 hours straight, you end up hearing the song dozens of times as the track builds, and dreaming of the music is pretty common.
What was weird about this time, however, is that I dreamed I was in some sort of interstellar dance club, like a cross between the disco in Saturday Night Fever and the cantina in Star Wars, and they were playing an extended dance mix of “Mission Control” that went on forever.

When I woke up, this alternate version of the song was playing in my head (along with visions of Chewbacca doing the Electric Slide on a rainbow-lit dance floor). So I ran back into the studio, called in sick to work and spent another 10 hours remodeling the Mission Control from the day before into a sleek, four-on-the-floor, slow-dance alternate version of itself.
So now there are two different versions of the same song, which is something I’ve never done before. Which one’s better? Which one is the “real” version? I’m not sure…I like them both. What do you think? Can’t wait to hear – drop a comment below!

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