A Radar Detector, A Bottle of Old Crow, and a CD for The Kit

So, as I was saying, I always wanted to record an album that could claim a place in the Roadtrip Kit, and so finally I rounded up all my top songs, put together my dream team of producers, engineers and musicians, plunked down my life savings plus a little extra (gulp) and came out with…this album: Interstate Medicine – title kind of says it all, right?

[stripe name=”Radio Nowhere” description=”Interstate Medicine CD – $10″ amount=”1000″ image_url=”http://radionowhere.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/radionowhere-imfrontcover-square-500.jpg” payment_button_label=”Get My CD!” checkout_button_label=”I want this!” billing=”true” shipping=”true” success_redirect_url=”http://www.radionowhere.net/up/”]

I’m very proud of this album, and I think it features some of the best songs I’ve ever written – made for blasting on your car stereo on your way out of town, and full of lyrics you can sink your teeth into. Not to mention licks from some of the hottest musicians I’ve ever been lucky enough to record with (thanks again to Peter Gabriel, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison and Counting Crows for loaning me some of the best players from your bands!).
The record has sparked a pretty good response from fans, too. Here’s a review I liked:

  • “My favorite of the last few years. Great CD, start to finish. I’ve bought at least 20 copies to give to musicians that I work with and to friends. Especially good for the last hour of the drive from San Jose to Vegas or Portland.” – Ned K., CD Baby

I found a company that makes limited runs of 500 CDs, so I thought it might be cool to put together a special edition with a little something extra: bonus acoustic versions of a couple of the record’s standout tracks. These acoustic versions aren’t available anywhere else. I’m not going to press up any more discs when these are gone, and I think they’ll go pretty quick, so I’m only going to be doing this for the next 72 hours.


At this moment, I’ve got, lemme see…336 copies left, so there should probably be a few available for you. I’m also going to sign and number each of these, so yours will be unique.
Honestly, I’m really most jazzed about the bonus tracks, though, probably because I just cut them a little while ago, and no one’s heard them yet. I really think they offer more of an insider’s look at the heart of the band.
Once again, just click the button if you want to grab a copy – I tested the checkout process and it’s super smooth & easy!


Just to be ridiculously clear – the offer is limited to 72 hours. Once the countdown goes to zero, there won’t be another chance to grab this special bonus edition CD.
~ Mike from Radio Nowhere
P.S. Oh, and one more thing – the CD comes with an immediate digital download of the entire album and a .pdf with all the lyrics, so you can start singing and air-guitaring along instantly while you wait for your CD to show up.
P.P.S. Apparently, you can smoke the shrink wrap that the CD comes in. Yes, I’m serious.