Shhhh – I'm Hiding from Michael Jackson's Army of Zombie Lawyers…

So where were we? Oh right, Michael Jackson.

I’d never really considered myself a fan, but MJ initially went supernova at exactly the right time to take up permanent residence in my tiny teenybopper mind, and I remember rollerskating to “Human Nature” pretty much every time I ever went rollerskating. So I decided to cover that song.

I spent something like three straight days locked in the studio to meet the ludicrous deadline. When I emerged, pale and demented, there was a message informing me of a slight hitch – Mr. Spearheading Musician had skipped town – the LAPD may or may not have been involved – and the project was on indefinite hiatus.

Furthermore, it was insinuated that I’d be in legal hot water if I revealed anything about the project, or the hiatus, or…anything.

Cue the zombie lawyers.

So, to keep a long story from getting any longer, the track DID NOT end up on a big deal Michael Jackson tribute album, and it’s been sitting in my vaults ever since, waiting for…you.

You can listen to the song using the video player here (sorry the actual video isn’t sssuuperrr interesting), and download the song by clicking on the link below.

Download Your Copy of “Human Nature” Here

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Hope you dig the song! Watch out for the zombies!