Here's Your Music!

Hi, I’m Mike, singer/songwriter/guitarist with the band Radio Nowhere, from beautiful Truckee, California. I take songwriting safaris to the heart of the American West – roadtrips to write songs for roadtrips! 
Here’s an hour’s worth of tracks that I hope will be a great part of the epic soundtrack to your next road trip. Click the green Spotify icon to stream this collection on Spotify; click where it says “Listen on Apple Music” to stream on Apple Music:



Finally, just click here to download these Radio Nowhere songs for your own collection.

I really hope you dig the songs; consider them a first installment, and keep your eye open for the occasional email letting you know about more music, shows, and other cool stuff – there are some great things coming down the pike soon!
Thanks for listening! – Mike from Radio Nowhere
P.S. I’ve had quite a few people email me and say “hey, I loved the songs you sent me, but I never heard from you again – do you have more music?” The deal is that messages from Radio Nowhere might be getting stuck in your spam filter, so you might want to whitelist my email address (that’s or add me to your list of approved senders. 
And oh, yes – there’s more music! Connect with me on Patreon, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to hear about the new stuff 😉