Songs For The New Album – Firecracker

Here’s the third track that I’m considering for inclusion on the new album (click here to check out the first two ).

Firecracker is the result of a challenge issued a couple of years ago by Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney, NPR, and of course, Portlandia, fame), who on a Friday invited her readers to write, record and release a song over the weekend, according to the following ground rules:
a) The song and recording had to be brand new, started from scratch
b) The song had to contain at least one of these five words:
dog, lampshade, firecracker, NPR, Japan
c) The track had to be uploaded by 5pm (Eastern!) on the Sunday of that weekend
Sounds like fun, right? Well, I had unbreakable plans for that Friday night, Saturday night, and all day Sunday, which whittled NPR’s generous 48 hours down to a 10 hour, hair-on-fire music dash: 8.5 hours straight on Saturday and 90 minutes of triaged insanity between 3:30 and 5pm on Sunday.
I ended up getting the song in to Monitor Mix at 5 o’clock on the dot.
What do you think? Drop any comments into the box below. I’d love to hear whatever you have to say, and it could make the difference as to whether the track makes the album. Let’s hear it!


10 thoughts on “Songs For The New Album – Firecracker

  • Wow, if there is any doubt about the inclusion of Firecracker you must have some real diamonds tucked away. Good work Sir and thank you again for the link!

  • Chorus is great, but it seems to me like something was missed in verse. When i heard it few weeks ago i’ve been thinking like ‘oh, compilation of dirty scratchy verse and beautiful clean chorus”, but maybe for me the verse isn’t hard, dirty, tense enough. Anyway, thanks for the songs and taking care of us!

    •  Good call on that, Andrey. I kinda hear the same thing in the verse, and that level of detail and full realization is where a rush-released demo is going to fall short of a more finished version. Hopefully!

  • The rhythm tracks are very infectious. The brief solo could be a little edgier. Try the lead vocal with a little more treble and a bit less reverb to minimize the “singing in a barrel” effect. Dirty Dan the Sewer Man

    •  Yeah, I agree with you on the ‘verb, Dan. Correct ambience was a casualty of the need to get this one out the door. Thinking of a drier, more distorted approach for the final master.


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