Deathwish Debbie Lyrics

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Deathwish Debbie Lyrics
Deathwish Debbie and her demerol
she’s got a prescription
says she’s gonna take ’em all
crush on the cowboy at the pharmacy
she needs a little something/anyone can see
that she’s sick sick sick tonight
gonna make it alright
but you better make it quick tonight
gonna make it alright
Deathwish Debbie and her darvocet
says she’s gonna kill herself/but she hasn’t yet
everybody’s telling her to just hang on
but she fell down the stairs again
i think that something’s wrong
he’s so slick slick slick it’s not right
not right
she’ll never make it stick stick stick tonight
gonna make it alright
Deathwish Debbie and her dolophine
it’s a present from her daddy
he’s trying to keep her clean
but she’s already working on a remedy
and she can’t kick on friday/there’s nothing on tv
it’s a cheap cheap trick, this life
gonna make it alright
it just keeps going tick tick tick you can’t fight it

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