Interstate Medicine is Radio Nowhere’s debut release – nine tracks of alternative pop/rock music that roll out like a weekend roadtrip in your older brother’s Camaro. If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack for a summer drive from San Francisco to Vegas, this album will get you there (at least as far as Turlock, anyway). Track […]

Days Between Stations is the first EP from Radio Nowhere – four pop rock songs that reference everyone from Pete Townshend to Beck to Leonard Cohen to my 4th grade music teacher. Loud guitars, people singing, weird noises = okay! Track listing London Calling Catherine Wheel Halfway Home Shotgun  

Under Strange Skies is the latest EP from Radio Nowhere – four songs that run the gamut from dark, reflective tabla ballad to driving piano bounce to sociopathic bossa nova – you know, the usual. track listing The Captain’s Daughter Emily Katydid Spring (From the Secondhand World)

black horn blowin in the summer heat they’re trimmin’ the lamps down on Frenchman street some chariot is swingin’ low tonight polish your shoes / cut off your hair don’t you take too long sayin’ your prayers praise the lord / thank the devil for the second sight oh but here come the spyboy / […]