lyrics i know a girl arrives by telephone she speaks in dial tones she’s always on the line but she’ll break for a call from me her bags are packes, says let’s get out of town i think i’m coming down she got a running tab at the onramp pharmacy we hit the interstate, she’s […]

lyrics booked a flight to Heathrow/if it ever clears i’m taking a chance on the weather leave the runway/raise the gear it’s taking a turn for the better so turn your radio on/turn your radio loud i’m coming over the air/then i’m going to ground so c’mon give it a spin/hear me coming around and […]

lyrics ohhh, i have so much to say to the moon summer is turning to fall a season too soon and i, i feel so lonely and i don’t know why i just want to see my reflection in somebody’s eyes and i can’t stay another day/where do i come from where do i go/down […]

lyrics Deathwish Debbie and her demerol she’s got a prescription says she’s gonna take ’em all crush on the cowboy at the pharmacy she needs a little something/anyone can see that she’s sick sick sick tonight gonna make it alright but you better make it quick tonight gonna make it alright Deathwish Debbie and her […]

Interstate Medicine by Radio Nowhere lyrics hey Alabama, you sing as good as you look? anyone can drop a line, lessee if you can set the hook hey Margarita, they’re counting down to last call can i get you another, they tell me that you like ’em tall oooh pistolera, sleepin’ with a thirty-ought must […]

Interstate Medicine by Radio Nowhere lyrics once we stood in summer under Arizona skies halfway to the border/i kept a weather eye she said once i saw a butterfly/glowing velvet rust but when i took it in my hand/it crumbled into dust while we walked i hadn’t noticed but we’d come upon the tracks she […]

Interstate Medicine by Radio Nowhere lyrics my girl/she’s got such bright blue eyes and my girl/always brings me a surprise she got such smooth and creamy lies/so sweet/they’re good enough to eat and she hands them out/when i show up for trick or treat she always turns a trick or two to teach me that […]

Interstate Medicine by Radio Nowhere lyrics word has come down/the clouds are gathering electricity show/got a ticket for me change in the weather, changin’ his mind/finger to the wind who will throw the switch and let me in hey black robe/don’t you darken my door checked every page of your book/ain’t no picture of me […]

Interstate Medicine by Radio Nowhere lyrics black Chrysler ’71/slides by on the freeway suicide doors and a hole in the floor so you can see if you’re enjoying the ride new twist-off, hand on the wheel get a jump on the weekend 40 riding shotgun 3-day beard dog tags and a picture of you picture […]

Interstate Medicine by Radio Nowhere lyrics well her name was Rosa/she sang Moon River she sang it like nobody else she stood by the microphone/but not too close and she filled up that stage/all by herself well outside they were towing cars/inside they were drinking and they had all brought their scars/gonna bleed their way […]