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New Song! – Suicide Tuesday

Yes, it’s true – another new song! Let’s check it out…

Suicide Tuesday is the second track on what’ll be a three (or four, depending on how the last track comes along) song EP that I’m hoping to release by the end of summer (Queen of Evening, which you might remember from my last blog post, was track #1).
As you’ll probably notice, this song is a bit of a departure for me – no acoustic guitars to be found, and maybe a little closer to Nine Inch Nails than Lyle Lovett. Would love to know what you think – leave a comment below!

Blog Music

New Song! – Queen of Evening

Yes, it’s true: finally, a new song! Let’s check it out…

Would love to know what you think – leave a comment below!


Radio Nowhere at the Bear Music Festival!

BMF Poster low-res
Yup, Radio Nowhere is playing the inaugural Bear Music Festival, September 9-11 in Pinecrest, California.

I am so excited about this! 

This festival is being held on the grounds of the exact same summer camp where I got my start as a musician and performer; we’ll be opening for the Mother Hips on the same stage that I banged out my first Beatles covers on. OMG.
I could say more, but the Bear Music Festival website has taken care of that for me. Check it out! 



Future of the music business? Maybe not, but a boy can dream…Well worth a read, at least.


Jam of the Week – "Bad Blood" by Ryan Adams*

Yes, it’s the new Ryan Adams single…sort of. *As you probably know, this is not an original by the songwriter’s songwriter, but a Taylor Swift cover. And it’s cool and fashionable to say that the Ryan Adams version is cool, that he finds a submerged streak of pathos in the song, and that you never really listened to the Taylor Swift version…but that’s not really true, now is it?
Fact of the matter is, this song is a fully-weaponized earworm no matter who sings it, and you have to give it up to Swift and co-writer/Swedish pop demigod Max Martin for distilling the essence of pop music into a really sturdy track. What Ryan Adams adds to the song is the killer interplay of all the guitars on his version; the chorus features strummed acoustics, chiming capoed arpeggios, and clean chorused electrics that he evidently swiped from a Sundays record.
Does this axe party trump the gleaming cyber-throb of Taylor’s original? What do you think? Let’s hear it in the comments…


Jam of the Week – "Jerk Ribs" by Kelis

How, how, how did I somehow miss this jam when it came out??? (almost 2 years ago, according to the Internets.)
Just in case you missed it too, press play on this video and turn it up, a lot. The video itself is nothing special, btw, so please feel free to turn away from your screen.

Right? How sweet was that? I hear this as sounding like Fela Kuti’s band grabbed Marvin Gaye’s string section on the way to a show, which kinda made sense when I learned that it was produced by Dave Sitek, from TV On The Radio. Great producer too – insane how many good records he’s been involved with.
What do you think? Cool song? Or have I just had too much coffee this morning? (Entirely possible!). Let’s hear it in the comments…
P.S. Do not be entirely surprised to hear a not-dissimilar bassline pop up on a Radio Nowhere track sometime in the not-too-distant-future…


You Should Listen To This! Mark Ronson/Queens of the Stone Age

Hey People! I know, I know…you haven’t had any new music from me in a while. I’m hoping to change that pretty soon, but in the meantime, here are a couple of things you might like.
Up first, an absolutely smokin’ cover of Queens of the Stone Age‘s “I Sat By the Ocean”, from Mark Ronson & band. I. Cannot. Get. Over. This. Song.
Check the guitarist smiling at the drummer at about 4:40, and make sure you stay for the whole breakdown/outro. Just slays me.
I’ve watched this seventy-two times*.
(*All numbers approximate)
Second, a pretty bonkers article about one possible future of the music business and ecosystem, as seen by one Imogen Heap, who hopes the whole thing turns into a giant mushroom. Seriously.
The weirdest part is that I find myself totally agreeing with her. You? Would love to know what you think in the comments!


Pilot of the Airwaves

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A few weeks ago I had the honor of being the first guest on Dan’s BandCampaign podcast, for which musician, music fan, producer, school teacher and general renaissance man Dan Mayes called me from Australia(!) Some things about the Internet are great, and rapping with cool people on the other side of the planet like it’s no big deal is one of them.
Dan & I had a great time talking (he’s an excellent interviewer) and if you like my music, or have ever been curious about how a stint as a professional cow can support a music career, you should definitely check out Episode 1 . Maybe I’m a little biased, but I subscribed to the podcast in iTunes, and you can do that right here too.
Here are a few more relevant links for you:

P.S. As long as we’re on the subject of podcasts, I was astounded to hear my name invoked in the dulcet tones of Sonia Simone on one of my favorite podcasts, Confessions of a Pink Haired Marketer. Sonia had some great advice on how to adapt content marketing principles to a musician’s nefarious needs, which I definitely recommend to any band trying to make it out of the basement. Thanks again for the props, Sonia!
*P.P.S. If you thought the title of this post was…a little odd, well, here’s where that came from


Werewolves! Of London!

Heard this on the radio today and thought, “Damn. That guitar sounds straight amazing.” So I did a little research on the guitar solo tone  when I came across a surprising tidbit concerning the rhythm section.

Book a holiday today!

Anyone know who played bass & drums on this song? Here’s a hint: they’ve been playing together in their namesake band since 1967 (!). No Googling!
Once someone guesses, I’ll put up the link to the article I was reading – super-interesting stuff!
Oh, and here’s the song – dig that guitar solo…


Crowdfunding – Is This Thing On(going)? Patreon Creation Page

patreon spyboy radionowhere creation page
Excellent new twist on the “ongoing crowdfunding” model from Patreon today.
After teasing Twitter followers about an upcoming cool announcement (illustrated with an understated snapshot of a devil horns-shaped nuclear explosion), Patreon launched what they’re calling a “patreon creation page”, which, in their terms “completely changes [the ad-funded, soul-sucking fan monetization] system”. They might not have used those exact words there in the brackets…
Anyway, what had previously been a somewhat confusing introduction to each creator, accompanied by their general explanation of what they’re up to and a pitch to fans, is now a much more focused presentation of a single item – a song, a video, etc. – with an explanation from the creator, comments from other fans, and a really clear call to action inviting the visitor to Become A Patron.
Me likey.

I think this approach results in something much easier for fans to grok, and for artists and creators to pitch to their fans. This is especially important right now, as the whole idea behind Patreon (ongoing crowdfunding, amounting to something like a stipend or salary for artists) is something of a new concept, and a notion that several of my fans, anyway, have been a little confused by.
Artists are now able to link directly to a creation page, where they’re showing something tangible and distinct to fans, collecting and displaying relevant comments, and making it clear that fans can click the “Become A Patron” button to support the creation of more art like this.
These are actually all elements that were present on Patreon before, but it truly is the little things that matter here, and it’s amazing how much more compelling the value proposition becomes with everything brought together on one page, in its right place.

Nice work, Patreon.
P.S. I’ve knocked up a creation page for my band’s latest video, here. Dig it? Let me know what you think!
P.P.S. Check back here for updates as I get feedback from fans on my creation pages, and as the incredibly responsive creative fanatics at Patreon roll out tweaks to this new template.