[stag_alert style=”blue”]Click here to listen to the interview![/stag_alert]   A few weeks ago I had the honor of being the first guest on Dan’s BandCampaign podcast, for which musician, music fan, producer, school teacher and general renaissance man Dan Mayes called me from Australia(!) Some things about the Internet are great, and rapping with cool people on […]

Heard this on the radio today and thought, “Damn. That guitar sounds straight amazing.” So I did a little research on the guitar solo tone  when I came across a surprising tidbit concerning the rhythm section. Anyone know who played bass & drums on this song? Here’s a hint: they’ve been playing together in their namesake […]

Excellent new twist on the “ongoing crowdfunding” model from Patreon today. After teasing Twitter followers about an upcoming cool announcement (illustrated with an understated snapshot of a devil horns-shaped nuclear explosion), Patreon launched what they’re calling a “patreon creation page”, which, in their terms “completely changes [the ad-funded, soul-sucking fan monetization] system”. They might not […]