Caroline Lyrics

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Caroline Lyrics
my girl/she’s got such bright blue eyes
and my girl/always brings me a surprise
she got such smooth and creamy
lies/so sweet/they’re good enough to eat
and she hands them out/when i show up for trick or treat
she always turns a trick or two to teach me that i
don’t know up from down in from out or left
a little to the right/she sighs when i give up without a fight
as she’s running my red lights/she whispers hold on tight
Caroline/where do i sign up for her grapevine
is there anybody there/i can never trace her line
and she won’t tell me her sign/i’ve got to make her mine
and i can tell/when she’s coming
mmm, i ain’t so dumb
there’s a way that the earth moves
when some chick so wicked this way comes
she brings her earthquake weather
my pets put paws upon their eyes
and every time she climbs onboard
i’m sure my ship is going to capsize
she’s a mutiny besides/i feel like Captain Bligh
Caroline/i swear i’m gonna leave that girl behind
you know it isn’t fair/that she commits the crime
and i wind up doing time/i’ve got to make her mine
and she slides/offsides/no flags/she’s wide
and suddenly i’m caught in her high tide
she’s a walking homicide/drive-by/superspy/in hi-fi
she’s a KGB undercover dragonfly
they call my flight/no strings/it’s a green light
full-time free-fall/and i say ooh yeah it’s alright
don’t you wait up for me to call
Caroline/ain’t scared of nothing/she’s so fucking fine
she won’t take me anywhere/’til it’s after my bedtime
and she says she’ll show me hers/if i show her my gold mine

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