We Have A Berliner!

You might recall that last time we talked, I had a song with no middle, and I asked you for suggestions on how to fill that hole.
I got so many killer, thoughtful & useful responses*, suggesting everything from guitar solos to Metallica raps to opera arias – thanks, everyone! 
I tried just about everything, with varying degrees of success, and finally ended up with THIS (I recommend listening to the whole rough mix, but if you’re short on time, the middle is the section between about 2:40 and 3:08):

Dig it? I wouldn’t have thought that “mildly-explosive rapped/chanted lyrical restatement with quirky synths” was the answer to my prayers, but what the hell do I know?
Since this went so well, I was thinking it might be fun to outsource yet another of my creative responsibilities to you guys, to wit…anyone have a Queen of Evening image that would work for the single release?
If you have a photo or drawing or etching or Instagram that fits the vibe of this song, one that you have the rights to and would like to see on the “cover” in Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube/etc., I’d love to see it! 
Email me at: mike@radionowhere.net and I’ll happily take a look.
Thanks again for listening, reading and sounding off! ~ Mike from Radio Nowhere
* Special huge thanks to Katy J, Avishai, Jerry, rasburton and Harris for the input that sparked the winning mashup!


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