Another Dance


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8 thoughts on “Another Dance

  • Indeed, it is strange. there is definetely a potential in this odd relationship between piano and dazed guitar, but I’d say that magic between them started to develop in the last seconds of the song.
    To me it is a song for end credits of some American movie from late 90-s – early 00-s.

    • Glad to hear that some magic eventually develops….;) And I’d be happy to get this song in a movie’s end credits even if I have to go back in time to do it – thanks for listening (as always) Andrey!

  • there’s an honesty here that i really really like. and “free as a bird who cannot fly” is a classic line. i feel it!

    • Thanks, cc – yeah, I’d say this one’s drawing from a deeper emotional well than usual. That’s probably what drew Neil to the project. 😉

  • This……..guts….me. That’s a compliment.
    To me, the lyrics are specific, as you know, and are heartbreakingly beautiful and on the nose in a way that only poetry can achieve sometimes. But I imagine that these lyrics are also universally beautiful, so well done.
    Now excuse me while I remove this twisted knife from my heart…..(also a compliment, believe it or not).

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