Jam of the Week – "Jerk Ribs" by Kelis

How, how, how did I somehow miss this jam when it came out??? (almost 2 years ago, according to the Internets.)
Just in case you missed it too, press play on this video and turn it up, a lot. The video itself is nothing special, btw, so please feel free to turn away from your screen.

Right? How sweet was that? I hear this as sounding like Fela Kuti’s band grabbed Marvin Gaye’s string section on the way to a show, which kinda made sense when I learned that it was produced by Dave Sitek, from TV On The Radio. Great producer too – insane how many good records he’s been involved with.
What do you think? Cool song? Or have I just had too much coffee this morning? (Entirely possible!). Let’s hear it in the comments…
P.S. Do not be entirely surprised to hear a not-dissimilar bassline pop up on a Radio Nowhere track sometime in the not-too-distant-future…


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