Pilot of the Airwaves

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A few weeks ago I had the honor of being the first guest on Dan’s BandCampaign podcast, for which musician, music fan, producer, school teacher and general renaissance man Dan Mayes called me from Australia(!) Some things about the Internet are great, and rapping with cool people on the other side of the planet like it’s no big deal is one of them.
Dan & I had a great time talking (he’s an excellent interviewer) and if you like my music, or have ever been curious about how a stint as a professional cow can support a music career, you should definitely check out Episode 1 . Maybe I’m a little biased, but I subscribed to the podcast in iTunes, and you can do that right here too.
Here are a few more relevant links for you:

P.S. As long as we’re on the subject of podcasts, I was astounded to hear my name invoked in the dulcet tones of Sonia Simone on one of my favorite podcasts, Confessions of a Pink Haired Marketer. Sonia had some great advice on how to adapt content marketing principles to a musician’s nefarious needs, which I definitely recommend to any band trying to make it out of the basement. Thanks again for the props, Sonia!
*P.P.S. If you thought the title of this post was…a little odd, well, here’s where that came from


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