Famous Crackheads I Have Known

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Google Analytics says the darnedest things…
As anybody who has a website knows (or should know) the outside world finds innumerable weird and wonderful paths to your online front door.
Checking your stats is no one’s idea of a rock’n’roll good time, but every week or so, I enjoy just looking at the various search terms entered by anonymous people who’ve visited my website and wondering, “How the hell did they end up on my site? And what did they do while they were here?”

What am I talking about? Well, here’s a screenshot of some of the more amusing things that people have typed into Google over the last month to land on my site. Remember, this is a blog about songs, music, guitars…things like that.

Mexican crackheads??
Bugs Bunny headshot??

You can’t make this stuff up. I have no idea how these people are ending up here, but I will tell you, as a songwriter, these are nuggets of pure gold. Stay tuned for my next concept album, “Sky Radio Power Woman and the Korean Shirt Blues”.
Any SEO experts out there who wanna tell me what’s going on? Hell, any wild-ass guesses? Let’s hear ’em!