You've Got Mail…From the 16th Century

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Trujillo Villas and Radio Nowhere
Can late nights on the Internet, the all-seeing eye of the luxury travel industry, and strange songs about colonial oppression in Mexico make you famous…in Spain?
Well, maybe not famous, but the above combination may be enough to get you some nice ink on an interesting Spanish blog – this one, right here:
Trujillo Villas España – Interview with Mike Baker from Radio Nowhere
How did this happen? Well, the short version is that I read a very interesting article by a British travel writer concerning his journeys through Extremadura, a remote part of Spain that was known in the 16th century as the cradle of the conquistadores ( since so many of the Spanish adventurers who came to the Americas hailed from this province).
I made some comment on the writer’s website, and was subsequently surprised to be contacted by Trujillo Villas, one of the places where the writer had stayed, whose proprietors had checked out my song Cortez & Pizarro, and wanted to know if I’d be willing to take part in an email interview about it.

I guess this sort of thing is totally par for the course for anyone under 25 these days, but for anyone old enough to remember life before the Internet, the notion that someone running a Roman villa for rent in one of the most isolated corners of Spain might discover that someone in California had written a song about conquistadores, and then might be interested in posting an interview with said songwriter…well that’s just weird. Good weird, but still…
Anyway, thanks again to Colin and Trujillo Villas for being interested, and if you’ve ever listened to Cortez & Pizarro and wondered “what the hell is he singing about?”, well, here’s your answer:
Trujillo Villas España – Interview with Mike Baker from Radio Nowhere


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