Thanks Mr. DJ! – Jose Gonzales Edition

Last week I went to a cool art opening (full disclosure: the artists were my sister and two of my good friends). Wine and an unusually excellent bar mix were served, the art was cool, and many friends were seen.
All of which were great, and worthy of further note. However, this is a blog about music, so what I really want to mention about the experience was the excellent DJ, who was spinning a very cool and individual mix of ’60s Latin Soul, Stax album cuts, and this:

I’m guessing the DJ knew all about the totally arresting effect resulting from dropping this cut into a mix, because he saw me making a beeline for him across the crowded store and even before I was able to get close enough to look at his turntable, he called out “Jose Gonzales”.
As you’re probably discovering right now, this guy is fantastic, and pretty soon I’ll leave you two alone to get acquainted. Before I go, though, I want to mention that the most interesting part of the experience for me was to remember how great and different it is in this day and age to get turned on to music in a real, physical space, through real-time interaction with other actual humans.
There was something about hearing the song in a public place, at a cool event, and essentially having the DJ transmit a song he loved directly from him to me; this experience just doesn’t translate to the online medium.
Moral for me: leave your house and listen to music. Perhaps you already knew that?


Neil Finn Live at the El Rey, 4/5/11

Do you like the Neil Finn? Especially the loose, saucy solo Neil Finn? If so, hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your door for the next hour and check this playlist out. A couple of very considerate show attendees (thanks andromedadropcloth and abermudes!) captured quality video and audio of Neil’s 4/5/11 show at the El Rey Theater in L.A. and then uploaded it all to YouTube – sweet!
All of it is good, but the first vid, a piano version of “Hole In The River”, from Crowded House’s 1986 debut, is especially great. Dark. Spooky.