Looking At Music – One Song At A Time

Ms. Nowhere on the Southern Ocean
I miss looking at music. This whole internet thing, where you can listen to pretty much any song that’s ever been recorded five seconds after you think of it, is pretty great, but there’s something that you lose when you can’t check out cover art, or look over the lyrics while you listen to a song, or read the liner notes to find out who the steel guitar player was and where the album was recorded.
Online, of course, there’s the possibility for a near-infinite expansion of all of these extra-musical elements of the package, and I imagine it won’t be too long before an expanded audio-visual experience (combined with a strong social component) is a standard part of listening to music again.
As a fan of this kind of thing, I thought it would be fun to release all three of the tracks from the Under Strange Skies EP as “online singles”, starting with The Captain’s Daughter. Clicking here will take you to a playable web page with “cover art”, lyrics for the song, and links to connect with Radio Nowhere on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It’s a pretty cool way to spend three and a half minutes, if I do say so myself. – click here to check it out, and let me know what you think!