Countdown To New Music!

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A few people have contacted me lately with some variation on the question “um, where the hell have you been since last summer?”
Well, “in the studio”, is the first part of the answer, as usual, but here’s the punchline: “finishing up a new record!”
Yep, Radio Nowhere is putting the absolute final touches on a new 3-song EP, which will be released very soon. As soon as I can finalize the artwork, in fact, which should be done any day now. Part of this process has involved picking photos that go with each of the three songs; check the first one, which is a shot of Ms. Nowhere somewhere on the shores of the Southern Ocean, in Patagonia.
Ms. Nowhere on the Southern Ocean
More soon!


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  • A few people have asked for a more specific location: let’s just say it’s about an hour NW of Punta Arenas, and there are lots of penguins. Any guesses?

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