Greatest Guitarist Ever: Hendrix? Allman? Roy Clark?

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If you’re a guitar player, and a reader (I realize the two don’t always go hand-in-hand) you probably know that making lists of “the best guitarists EVER” is almost as important a part of guitar culture as learning the riff to “Whole Lotta Love”. It sometimes feels like bloggers and magazine writers are making lists of their favorite top guitarist lists.
Okay, this LA Times article is definitely linkbait, but I’m digging it anyway because their internet gnomes went the extra mile: click on your favorite guitarist’s photo and you get a video, right there, no waiting. I’m not going to spend two hours trolling YouTube watching guitar videos, but having a bunch of pre-curated winners presented together, with a very useable interface…let’s just say that I’ve seen more than I care to admit.

  • A very desultory Mick, captain of the H.M.S. Lewis Carroll, blissfully unaware that we’re here to see Keith (#38)
  • Sharon Isbin, barely moving at all yet somehow still shredding hugely (#22)
  • Richard Thompson, laying his customary fingerstyle waste to the Motorcycle Song (yes, this is the original – #41)
  • And, um, Roy Clark getting upstaged by animated dancing pigs (#10)

What do you think – see any favorites here? Let us know which ones, and why…

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