Songs For Sliding Into The Weekend

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If you’re looking for some cool new music to round out your week, give a few of these tracks a spin. I’ve been enjoying them all week. The Dead Weather track is a fantastic Gary Numan cover (which has been helping me discover that Gary Numan is actually pretty good – who knew?). The Holly Miranda song is one of those slow growers: I can’t figure out why I like it, but I’ve played it about 11 times this week. Maybe you will too!

Though you can obviously play the entire Portugal, The Man album here, the song I’m digging is track #3, “60 Years” (I just couldn’t figure out how to embed only that track.


One thought on “Songs For Sliding Into The Weekend

  • +1 on the Dead Weather track – more guitars=more fun!
    Not sure about that Holly Miranda one, but I’ll give it another spin

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