Polaroids: Another Song Coming Together

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Actually, I’ve had two or three new demos on the boil lately, but there’s one in particular that’s coming together right now. It doesn’t actually have a name yet – I just call it “the loopy one”. Hopefully I’ll think of something catchier by the time it’s all ready to go.
This track has actually been around for several years. I call it “the loopy one” because for a long time it consisted solely of one verse, the chorus, and a loop. This loop:
It’s pretty groovy, sets a nice mood, but never really suggested anything else to me when I worked with it, and so never expanded into an entire song. By mid-2009, the groovy, moody unsong was starting to be more upsetting than pleasant to listen to, and so a few weeks ago I locked myself in the studio and swore I wouldn’t come out until Mr. Loopy gave up the goods and turned into an honest to goodness song.
Usually these kinds of creative ultimatums end badly, but this time it paid off, as you will hear soon…

P.S. If you’re wondering about the track I previewed a couple of weeks ago, it’s still coming – just resolving a few technical difficulties.

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