Polaroids Track #2 – Katydid (Demo)

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Katydid (Demo) by Radio Nowhere

Time for the latest demo from the Polaroids project. As usual, just click the “Download” link above to get this track for free!
Katydid is a song that I’ve been kicking around for a long time, always enjoying the melody and emotion, but never quite sure what shape it was going to take.
Given that the Polaroids album project is all about taking snapshots of songs and then seeing how they develop (hence the clever title), I figured this was the perfect time to put nose to grindstone and force this track to transition from pleasant idea to actual music.
The result? Well, on first listen, you might decide it’s a brooding, semi-subcontinental meditation on life and death in the insect world. And that wouldn’t necessarily be too far off!
However, any song you describe that way probably isn’t exactly headed for the top of the charts (on this planet, anyway), so let’s call it…a sultry slow-jam with, uh, Bollywood Bugs.
Boy, that makes you want to push the play button, doesn’t it?
Honestly, it’s better than it sounds. There’s probably a better way to whet the curiosity of non-entomologists, and if you can think of what that might be, please let me know in comments.


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