Radio Nowhere – Endorsed by New Yorker, Charles Dickens

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No, not really. But their music critic, Sasha-Frere Jones, did a pretty good job today of explaining why albums are losing ground in today’s music scene, and articulating a creative approach that some independent musicians (ahem) are beginning to employ.
He said, and I quote:

“Serialized work is a tradition that often results in the unified whole that album enthusiasts are so keen on. Dickens’s novels were released in installments; only later did they became those delightful bricks. If Radiohead finishes four EPs and decides a larger shape has emerged, there’s nothing to stop them from recognizing that shape, calling it an album, and packaging it as such. Future audiences may never know how the material was first released, but it hardly matters. The work will be there.”

[Be sure to read the whole thing, as well as Frere-Jones’ previous post, for the full context.]
We might not be getting any more material from Dickens, but as a Radiohead fan, I’m excited about the prospect of hearing from them more often than once every 3 years. I’m even more interested in hearing demos, in-progress versions of songs, and alternate takes as the “final” versions of the songs slowly come together, and in listening to the richly anticipated album that comes together at the end of the process as well.
The artist gets to express him/herself on a more regular basis, the fan gets an inside look into what’s going on, as well as new music every few weeks or months – what’s not to like?


8 thoughts on “Radio Nowhere – Endorsed by New Yorker, Charles Dickens

  • I am very much looking forward to the whole project “developing” as one might say. And the whole use of internet to show me pieces as it goes it just great – can see pieces as they come and wait with anticipation for the final product. Love it!

  • Interestingly, I always imagined Sasha to be a woman. With caramel skin, ringlets of silky, brown hair and a tattoo on her ankle (likely something in the Nymphalidae family, perhaps Danaus plexipus).
    But I digress.
    S/he hasn’t lived until s/he’s tasted the the honey-glazed vocal stylings of Radio Nowhere (nee Slim).

  • radionowhere leading the pack again. love the latest “polaroids”. keep ’em coming and don’t forget to shake them like a daguerrotype.

  • Verrryyy funny, mr. clever old-school guy. Gives me a great idea for my next project: an unamplified acoustic Outkast cover band! Any thoughts on a name?

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