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R emember Polaroids? Those cool white, rectangular photos that you snapped and then waited around excitedly to see how the picture turned out? I came across a bunch of Polaroids from the sessions for my first album while cleaning my closet the other day, and something about the nature of that whole type of photographic experience struck me.
It was the parallel between taking a Polaroid snapshot and recording a song. Both of those processes are about capturing a moment, giving your time and attention to something while it develops, and then enjoying the finished product.
Okay, it’s not a perfect comparison, but the connection between the two was strong enough that I started daydreaming about how a song could be more like a Polaroid, and hmmm…wouldn’t it be fun to do a whole music project that came into slow focus that way?
Accordingly, let me be the first to tell you about Radio Nowhere’s
new album, titled (wait for it…) Polaroids! Here’s the first recording from the project, a demo of the song “Spring”, which you can listen to or download (for free) right here.

I’ve actually already written an entire new album’s worth of songs, and this time, rather than wait until I’ve got 10 tracks recorded, mixed, mastered, and pressed into CDs before letting you know that there’s new music available, I’m going to be sharing real-time insight into the whole process, from this first scrappy song demo to the final polished (and hopefully super-awesome) recording.
Here’s the plan:

– I’ll record and upload demos of all of the songs, with a new one every couple of weeks.
– Then, I’ll start recording the final versions of all of these songs and uploading those.
– When that’s done, I’ll herd all of the recordings together into two collections – the demos and the final versions – and we’ll have a big party, where my band will play all the new songs and you get to sing along. Sound fun?
If you’d like to get a short email whenever I upload some new music here, just type your email address into that box in the middle of this web page. You can also click on the RSS button to subscribe to this blog’s feed.
I’m really excited about this project, and especially looking forward to getting feedback from and having conversations with you – right here on this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter, or whatever other web deal they invent between now and Thanksgiving. What’s it gonna be like? No clue. But to me it’s already a fascinating experiment, and it’s only going to get more interesting.


2 thoughts on “Polaroids

  • Interesting concept…how did you think of it? I’m already thinking about how it could apply to my chosen creative genre.

  • Hi Suki: the idea actually grew out of a need to kick these songs I’ve been working on out of the studio and into the real world. I’ve got about 25 tunes that have been banging around inside my head for more than a year, and the prospect of waiting another bunch of months before being able to release them as an album, all recorded and filled-out to the extent that I was imagining them, just seemed impossible.
    That was the motivation behind starting to release the demos right away. As far as the “Polaroids” title/concept, that was essentially a rationalization to give myself permission to post unfinished demos – a self-jedi mind trick, if you will…


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