Twitter: Kills Bloggers Dead

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Does it seem like I haven’t been blogging much lately? Does it seem as though no one has been blogging much lately? I sometimes get that feeling as I cruise around, checking to see whether bloggers I’ve enjoyed in the past have posted anything lately (no).
I blame…Twitter. For many bloggers, I think the primary goal is simple self-expression, putting thoughts into words and seeing them pop up on the Web for the world to see. As easy as blogging is, Twitter is way easier, and when you can just blurt something out and press return, as opposed to crafting several paragraphs, making sure your html is together, and finding a cool photo that illustrates your main point, well…let’s just say that quite a few people seem to be taking the blurty way out a lot lately. Yours truly of course included ( @radionowhere ).


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