Making An Exception For Twestival

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If you’ve spent much time with Twitter, the trendy microblogging service, you’ve probably noticed that many Twitterers make a point of assimilating otherwise perfectly respectable English words by sticking a “Tw” on the front leaves me cold. “People” becomes “Tweeple”; “Friends” becomes “Tweinds”, etc.
It’s @##$!%# irritating and it has to stop.
But I’ll make an exception for Twestival, which is doing cool things both online and off to raise funds and awareness for charity: water, which is working to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. (Full disclosure: they’re also featuring free downloadable music from a bunch of independent artists who donated their music for the cause, including yours truly.)
Click here to get more information on Twestival, and to find out how you can hear a lot of cool independent music AND contribute to the world’s supply of safe drinking water.


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