30 Days of Nowhere: Week 1 – London Calling

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London Phone Booth close-up by mezzoblue - click for flickr page!Welcome to the secret underground lair of Radio Nowhere, a rock/pop band from Oakland, California!
The band (which is fronted by singer/songwriter/guy-who-writes-the-blog Mike Baker, formerly of Slim) is releasing its debut EP, Days Between Stations, right here on this blog, starting…now!
Here’s the first single, London Calling.

Click the big play button to listen.
Cruise around and check out the rest of the site. You might want to:

  • listen to/download/buy music
  • read lyrics and stories about all the songs on the EP (as well as several other tunes)
  • read and comment on this blog to join the conversation about these songs, other music, related issues, and the occasional totally irrelevant but juicy news item

You can also subscribe to the Radio Nowhere email list or rss feed to get automatic notification about new music, live shows, etc.
Thanks for coming by – check back tomorrow for song lyrics, and please feel free to leave a comment, or shoot me an email if you’ve got something to say!


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