The Two Greatest Days on Planet Earth – the Soundtrack

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go bears!
Hey Caltopians – thanks for checking out Radio Nowhere!
As you probably already know, Radio Nowhere is a band from Oakland that sounds a little like Pete Townshend meets Prince, or Elvis Costello fronting the Black Crowes.
My name’s Mike, and I’m the singer and guitar player. Hi.
Here’s what you can do on the site right now:

  • listen to/download/buy music
  • subscribe via email or rss to find out about new music, live shows, etc.
  • read lyrics, stories about the songs, etc.
  • read and comment on this blog to join the conversation about these songs, other music, related issues, and the occasional totally irrelevant but juicy news item

Please feel free to bang around the site and check out the music. There will be more posted demos, acoustic versions, and b-sides in the very near future, too, so check back!


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