How To Get Me To Buy Records

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Arcade Fire - so modest!So I was in Amoeba Records in Berkeley last week, picking up a Crowded House DVD. I used to be in there several times a week – between 1992 and 2005 I probably bought 50 CDs a year there – but for a variety of reasons ranging from not being in Berkeley as much to hating the record industry to being too busy making my own music, I almost never head in there any more. This time, however, the guy at the counter rang up my purchase, asked me if I was a fan of a band playing in town that night, and when I said yes, gave me a ticket to the show! For free!

And when I asked if I could get another so I could bring a friend, he said “yes”! And gave me another ticket! Now that’s the kind of super-serve-the-customer attitude that might keep record stores (or at least that record store) alive for just a little bit longer. Oh, and the band? A little outfit called Arcade Fire (with LCD Soundsytem opening). Zow.


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