I Has The Crunge

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Best known as the title of a Led Zeppelin song (from Houses of the Holy, aka The Weird Albino Kids on a Lava Flow Record), The Crunge is also a great name for whatever evil virus has temporarily vanquished my immune system. Bleah.
Led Zep Houses
In non-sickness news, I wanted to highlight a few new and excellent podcasters that are now spinning Radio Nowhere songs. Check these sites; transmit these podcasts to your pod. Tip your waitresses.
The TLP Show
Finally, take a look at We7.com, which is attempting to make a splash as the first ad-supported “free” download site – they’ll let you download music from the site for free, but when you actually listen to the file, you’ll have to sit through a short commercial before the rock begins.
Sounds sub-optimal to me, but hey, Peter Gabriel’s involved, so it can’t be that bad, right? Right? Anyway, they liked Radio Nowhere enough to put “London Calling” on the front page as a “Tastemaker Pick”, and that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


One thought on “I Has The Crunge

  • Thanks for the shout out Mike!
    You know the idea of commercials before every track might seem like a good idea to advertisers, but really, could you imagine listening to an album if there was a commercial before EVERY track?! Though I suppose if its free, you get what you pay for…and you do get the option to buy it without ads.
    Seems like an interesting step in the right direction though. Onward to the Music like Water model, where everyone pays for it as a utility. What is life without music?


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