Catherine Wheel

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Here’s a teaser – lyrics to the next RN song coming soon to a website near you…
backseat driver with something to prove/she was runnin some daytime night moves
she said to leave the radio on
rolled out for a cigarette / don’t you stay too long/gonna play our song
but you know that song never came on
and I don’t think I’ll make it to the next turn of the screw
’cause the only thing that keeps me here is you
so roll on/sister roll on / hold on to the wheel
roll away forever/roll away from what you feel
take the car ’cause you come this far / who am I to keep you down?
’cause my world turns on Catherine Wheels /whenever you’re around
well I guess we bought what they sold us /believed in what they told us
that we’d be safe here on this holy ground / well I guess ain’t no one to blame
stood and watched it go up in flames / couldn’t even feel it burning down
and every night I have this dream where I’m sinking like a stone
just praying I’ll be waking up alone
who am I to keep you? /I just tried to reach you
with you it’s always on with the show /so I’m letting you go


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