Under Strange Skies [Digital Download]

Under Strange Skies is a classic EP, a bite-sized example of Radio Nowhere’s mission to explore wildly varied realms of sound without straying too far from the classic pop song form.

Barrelhouse piano rubs up against strange synth noises, distant urban atmospheres surround Indian tabla drumming, and acoustic guitars build a foundation for radiant vocal harmonies – all in the service of melodies and hooks guaranteed to have you singing along by the second listen.

Lyrically, this EP strays miles from the pop norm, with unreliable narrators relating tales of stowaways and shanghaied sailors, hostage crises and phone traces, awash in alcohol and desperately trying to outlast the winter.

Fans of Counting Crows, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Aimee Mann, and The Wallflowers will appreciate this EP, and anyone who likes to think while they sing along should pick this up now.

This is a physical CD.

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This is a digital download of the Under Strange Skies EP. You get to name your price, so get creative!


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