This is the “fun” version of the Radio Nowhere bio. If you’re a blogger/music writer looking for something a little longer and more serious, click here.

Radio Nowhere is an alternative pop rock band from Oakland, California, in the United States. People say that we sound like the missing link between Tom Petty and Duran Duran, or Elvis Costello fronting Counting Crows: both of those sum things up pretty well.
radio nowhere math
The band was started by Mike Baker, who writes all the songs and does the singing and guitar playing, as well as anything else that needs doing (like, um, writing the band bio).
Mike Baker in hat
That’s me there, in the hat.
I’m supposed to tell you about all the great clubs we’ve played, the records we’ve sold, and the rock stars we’ve partied with, but I think that gets boring really fast – don’t you? Here’s what you should know about Radio Nowhere:
1. When I was growing up, my family would drive from the Bay Area to Idaho every summer, and my mom would make up stories to go along with what we were seeing along the highways. So I got imprinted with the whole combination of music, empty roads and stories early on – hopefully it shows up in our songs.
2. When I was six, I trawled through my dad’s record collection looking for the shiniest, most colorful album cover and played the lp inside, which turned out to be Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Psychedelicized at six–it’s hard to recover.
ever really looked at your hands?
3. I write most of my songs while I’m driving, on an ancient Casio keyboard bungee-corded to the passenger seat. This is not safe.
4. I have rocked crowds of several hundred people with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a well-timed Britney Spears cover (were they sober? No).
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